Notorious B.O.B. Shoudt
Notorious B.O.B.
Bob Shoudt - Major League Eater and IFOCE Member
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Please do not try this at home.  The IFOCE, MLE and Notorious B.O.B. do not advocate, condone nor participate in any at home training.
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Notorious B.O.B. FAQs
1) What is your real job? Professional speed eater. My 2nd job, when I am not eating, is as an IT consultant.
2) What was/is your favorite contest? There are many, but I prefer ones where I can put up a large number like chili, chowder, pasta...
3) Are you a vegetarian? No.  This has to be the dumbest question I have ever been asked in an interview.
4) Which eater are you most proud of?  Eric "Badlands" Booker is a guy I always love to see at the table.
5) How do you train for each contest? The IFOCE discourages at home training of any kind. I fully support them in this effort.
6) How do you feel after a contest? I feel full, much like most people probably feel like after Thanksgiving dinner.
7) If you could win just one contest, which one would it be? That is easy. I want to win the next contest that I am going to be in. I also enjoy defending my Titles, so any contest I am the defending champ is a big one for me.
8) What is your favorite eating website? Lately I have been visiting the Rake and Herarld a lot.
9) What is your favorite accomplishment in eating? Winning the ShooFly pie eating contest. It was a local contest and I was able to set the World Record in front of my wife, 3 kids and Mom and Dad.
10) Is it true that you are an avid mountain climber? Yes, like many of the other competitve eaters, I am very physically active. I have many climbs "under my caribiner". Some were solo ascents, but most of them were with a tight-knit group.
11) What is your favorite competitive eating moment? Getting a nice note from Julio Franco of the New York Mets congratulating me on qualifying for the Nathan's Finals after winning the Shea Stadium Qualifier. He had heard that I was from Philadelphia and I had been trying for years to make the finals. He thought that it was great that someone from where he broke into the big leagues (with the Phillies) accomplished his goal. It turns out that he is a competitive eating fan and has followed CE for years now. That I will never forget.
12) What is the Title that you are most proud of? Now that I have been fortunate to win many contests, lets see. The title that I am still most proud of is "Dad".
13) What are you most known for in Competitive Eating? I think that I will go down in the Competitive Eating history books as the first all-around great athlete in the sport. While there have been some highly conditioned eaters in the past, none had the level of success that I have enjoyed. After I exploded on the scene, many people took note of my superior physical conditioning and muscular, athletic build. Most of the top eaters have since followed my lead and actively workout to improve their eating abilities.
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