Notorious B.O.B. Shoudt
Notorious B.O.B.
Bob Shoudt - Major League Eater and IFOCE Member
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Please do not try this at home.  The IFOCE, MLE and Notorious B.O.B. do not advocate, condone nor participate in any at home training.
Best sports trading cards on the planet
My favorite contest gear, their logo is my mantra
Carl's Cards - my favorite card store
Hyundai Veloster - the only vehicle officially endorsed by Notorious B.O.B.  You haven't driven a car until you have driven this one.
Hyundai seriously I will endorse this car if you help me out a little on the purchase price.  Notorious B.O.B. needs some fresh, new wheels.
Notorious B.O.B. Videos
Notorious B.O.B. sets the All Time record for the most food ever eaten in a contest by both volume and by weight.

312 fluid ounces
23.4 pounds
6 minutes/ Salmon Chowder
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Notorious B.O.B. throwing out the first pitch on June 2, 2012 before the Mets game